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You may have noticed that the website looks a bit different. The most important change is to the login process. This site (pminl.ca)and the PMI International site (pmi.org) used to be completely separate, each with their own login user ids and passwords. The login process has been changed now so that you can login to both our site and to the PMI International one at the same time, making it easy for you to flip back and forth to check certification details, PDUs or event registrations.

The way this works is that now when you go to the PMI NL site (pminl.ca) and log in, you use your PMI International user id and password. If you don’t know these, go to the pmi.org site and they will help you find them or reset them. Once you’ve logged in to pminl.ca, you should see some new links up on the very top right of the window. These links will take you directly to your personal information on the international website – your profile, your PDU information and your volunteer registration information. You’ll also see a short Member Menu appear at the top of the right hand sidebar. This has links to information about your local account status and your event registrations.

If you should have problems with using your International user id and password, you can still log in using your PMI NL user id and password, but you won’t have access to the PMI International links. Just go to the Alternate Login link in the Login Trouble section of the sidebar.

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